Baldur Power at a glance

On its transition from implementation coordinator and EPC subcontractor to an integrated power producer, Baldur Power seeks to develop, build, own, and operate large-scale solar and wind projects throughout Germany.
From planning to construction, commissioning, and operating plants, we have the necessary in-house expertise. Likewise, we maintain an in-house fleet of construction equipment critical to solar PV construction. We provide not only the necessary know-how, but also all resources, ideas, people and machines. We aspire for maximum professionalisation of all aspects of renewable plant construction.

Project development in whole or in part

As a project developer, we are looking to lease suitable land throughout Germany for the construction of solar and wind power plants. On request, we also participate in projects that have already been started, develop them further until they are ready for construction, and or take over the completion of the plant until it is commissioned.

Our certifications and ongoing audits

  • Quality management
    (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Environmental management
    (ISO 14001)
  • Occupational health and safety
    (ISO 45001)
  • Information security management
    (ISO 27001)

Site managers are certified according to SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) for safety, health and environmental protection management, document 17/18

ESG Success factor: Our sustainability strategy

Careful consideration of environmental, societal and governance matters is within our DNA. We anchor our growth in local communities so as to support economies and job creation while creating clean energy.